Hunting for a Seliger

The shooting club "SDL" provides a service for hunting in the forest area. The edges of the lakes of Seliger are rich in various game and therefore are so attractive to avid hunters. The variety of living creatures allows you to hunt during any season. Here you can find boron and waterfowl, boars, foxes, elks, bears.

Hunting for wild boar

Traditionally, hunting for wild boar is organized in the Tver region. Shooting club Sdl offers hunting organization for both Russian and foreign tourists. This is one of the most popular and popular species of animals, rightfully earned the love of many hunters. The boar is a very strong, agile, fast animal, despite its large body of relatively thin legs. Escaping from the danger of a wild boar can develop a speed of up to 40 km / h, while easily poking a powerful muzzle through the bushes and constantly changing direction. Hunting for wild boar is always excitement, adrenaline and almost guaranteed success with sufficient skills and abilities. Wild boars are very active at night, and feed also at night. In appearance, primitive animals have a phenomenal sense and hearing. Therefore, during the boar hunting it is necessary to behave quietly and do not smoke. The boar is hunted not only for entertainment purposes, but also for sanitary purposes. Cunning boars are very fond of delicious food, so they often attack agricultural lands and gardens. To save the harvest, boars have to be fired.

The boar hunting season opens annually in the middle of summer and lasts until autumn. The opening day of hunting for a wild boar is established each time by the hunting department of the region.

Weapons for wild boar hunting
Often used as shotguns for hunting, and rifled carbines.

Smoothbore caliber should be 12 mm. Caliber not less than 7.62 mm should be at the rifled barrel. Hunting rifles have a good balance and weight. We recommend using only bullet cartridges when hunting for wild boar. Even the largest buckshot (8.8-10 mm) will be unreliable. Targeting in animals requires considerable skill. Shooting in the running wild boar, you need to take a small lead in the 60-70 cm, keeping the goal ahead of the patch. In order to put the beast, you need to hit the wild boar under the shoulder blade, in the head, in the neck or under the ear. A shot in the spine paralyzes the beast, but with the pierced and wounded belly the beast leaves the hunter.

Now consider some traditional types of wild boar hunting, their features and rules.

The most popular way, of course, is to hunt wild boar from the tower. Towers are installed in advance, next to them are organized feeding grounds. In order that the beast did not suspect that something was wrong, the hunters should go into the tower from the side opposite to the fertilization laid out. It is also important to wear not rustling clothes. Much attention is paid to the quality of the tower construction. No floorboard, no bench should squeak. The hunter should not smoke. Otherwise, all this will contribute to the fact that you just miss the booty.

The tower comes about an hour before the expected exit of the herd for feeding.

Winter hunting for wild boar is also mainly from the tower. In winter, the boar lacks food, and therefore actively visits feeding grounds.

No less interesting way to hunt for a wild boar is hunting with dogs. This kind of hunting is also known as paddock hunting. Its meaning is to train a dog to hold a wild boar. Experienced huntsmen will confirm that hunting for wild boar with husky is one of the most reckless and successful types of hunting. Usually, the hunt starts early in the morning. Laiki are allowed to catch up with wild boars. If the hunter hears dog barking from one place, then the husky holds the beast, then it is necessary to run to the aid of the dogs. If the dogs' voices move, then the beast leaves, and then hunting can turn into failure. In this case, the hunter must decide what to do - go ahead or go to interception. Experienced hunters recommend approaching the beast from behind or from the side. In this tactic, an important role can play, by the way, a good knowledge of the terrain in this area. Hunting a boar with a pen requires shooting standing, and not from the knee, so as not to hit the shell of another hunter.

Hunting for boar on the hinges these days is used very rarely. Just a few people will dare to catch a wild boar alive. This method of hunting for wild boar is quite dangerous, this activity is rather for experienced hunters. The loop is installed in the feeding areas of the animals. Material for manufacturing - a metal cable 2-3 mm wide. When the boar will follow its path, it will head into a loop and will be caught.

In conclusion, it should be said that hunting for wild boar is a good test for strength and dexterity for every man, try it - you will like it!

Hunting for elk

The hunting of moose in Russia has always been considered an entertainment of the highest circles of society. Nowadays, any hunter can hunt for elk and get trophies. Our experienced hunters organize an unforgettable adventure for you.

The features and rules of hunting for moose are in principle similar to the features and rules of deer hunting, as these animals are from the same family. Hunting for an elk in the spring sets as its goal extraction of horns - one of the main trophies of successful hunting.

A little more detail about the most popular ways of hunting for moose.

Hunting for a moose for a roar.
The hunting season for moose is roaring from the end of September to the first half of October. At moose at this time there is a breeding season. The season can last up to two weeks. The hunter approaches the animal as close as possible, focusing on his roar. The roar of a male is like a long groan, sometimes a grunting grunt, but sometimes it comes to such that a bear or a tiger is roaring. Most often you will be able to hear it in the pre-dawn silence. Hunting for a moose waffle is the case when a shooter beckons a male, imitating the mating roar of a female or the threatening voice of an opponent.

Hunted hunting for moose.
Aboriginal Russian hunting for moose has its own rules. It consists in the fact that a group of hunters surrounds the moose at first widely, and then everything is already, and turns them towards the shooters. Hunters carefully study the places of animals' feeding and feeding, their routes of travel. Binoculars are required for this purpose. Also, you need to take into account the direction and strength of the wind, weather conditions. The best season for hunting is a paddock - October and November. Fortunately, windy and cloudy days are considered successful, with a snowfall. In such weather, the elk, as a rule, are already in groups and, defending themselves in the forest, do not move long distances. Usually this method of hunting is organized in the morning, and until about five in the evening. On one side of the pen there are arrows, observing the necessary precautions. On the opposite side is another group and, quietly talking and tapping on trees, frighten moose from the day. Animals hear people and start moving away from them. Hunting for an elk depends largely on the experience of the trainees, who can correctly determine and calculate the direction of elk movement from the circle. The required distance for the shot should not be more than 200 meters.

Hunting for an elk from an approach, or a skada, has almost the same rules as a hunt, only fewer people participate in it, and it is conducted more often in the winter, according to the powder.

By the way, hunting for moose in winter is considered the most successful in December and January.

Hunting with a husky moose.
The successful outcome of hunting for moose with husky mainly depends on the skills and skills of the dog. Laiki first must run to the elk silently and run around it, detain it, giving the hunter the chance to shoot for sure. In this case, the hunter should try to remain unnoticed for the beast. Hunting with the likes of moose requires caution and accuracy. Unsuccessful shot elk will remember very much for a long time and will continue to avoid such sounds.

Also, in hunting farms it is advisable to keep hayloans so that the podranki do not go away and do not vanish in vain. Laiki should be trained to harass and detain animals wounded during the hunt.

Hunting for a deer

Hunting, as well as fishing, from time immemorial occupied one of the first places in the list of predominantly male occupations. Once it was vital to obtain animal food, later the commercial hunting that led to the extermination of many species of animals and birds, in our days hunting is more entertainment. Now the license for shooting must be registered in the legislative order. Nevertheless, this science is devoted to hundreds, and maybe thousands of information sources, because this is indeed a centuries-old, complex practice, laid down layer by layer, carefully passed down from generation to generation, and now has adopted a modern form in the form in which we see it .

When pronouncing the phrase "Russian hunting", a picture of the autumn forest, with snow-white silhouettes of hounds, and young men on horses is drawn before our eyes. Feel the euphoria of the chase and a unique sense of satisfaction, when you realize that the prey is in your hands.

Real connoisseurs have their eyes lit up when calendar dates are approaching the opening of the hunting season.

Hunting for different animals has its own characteristics and rules. After all, every animal, its behavior, way of life, ways of feeding and reproduction, ways of moving - all this individually. Within each species there are many populations that can vary from region to region. It differs in terms of time, technique, technique, weapons used, and other devices.

The deer is noble and timid, it gives many people an even aesthetic pleasure to hunt for this graceful animal. In our region, in the Tver region, hunting for spotty deer is common.

Hunting for a deer is similar in technology to hunting for moose, since the deer belongs to the same family. It is possible to hunt deer from an approach, by arranging percussions, from overtaking or on solonetzes. Each of these methods has its own characteristics. Often hunters use the method of hunting with the help of a manga. This method is suitable for the beginning of autumn. At this time, the deer starts the rut.

The art of luring comes only with experience. Best to go hunting alone. The hunter is looking for a place for the gon and tracks the behavior of the females, as it is able to tell him where the males might come from.

The reindeer deer with the help of a special valve regulates the height of the sound of calling deer. The call of an adult deer is rough and sharp, like a roar. The call of the younger deer is high. In order to lure a male deer, it should be oriented to a weaker or younger opponent, so the sound of the manga should be higher in tone than the call of the male. You can also lure males and the female voice.

The hunter must always be against the wind relative to the deer, as this animal reacts acutely to any unfamiliar smells and sounds, and is extremely sensitive to even very weak air movement.

To come to the place of hunting is best long before dawn. Since you can observe the behavior of the female and choose a more successful position for shooting. In the summer, you can organize a deer hunt on solonetses. For this purpose both natural natural solonetzes and arranged by the hunter are suitable. The essence of this method of hunting is that in the summer time the deer eats plentiful plant food, so it takes a lot of salts for its processing, and, therefore, the deer will necessarily come to the solonchak.

Quite often in hunting for a deer, the method of hunting with a hinds is also used. This method requires attention and caution. The hunter must know in advance the route of movement of the herd to the places of fattening, and anticipating his next step, be in advance at the place where the herds are scheduled to arrive soon. The hunter can even shoot a certain selected individual. As always, it is necessary to be very careful, as the deer is always alert, regardless of the season and degree of saturation. So much that at first he will examine the feeding place several times before going out to him. Shoot at the selected individual must immediately for sure. If the wounded beast escapes, then you will hardly ever have a chance to find it.

At the very beginning of winter, when the snow is not yet deep, you can hunt a deer with a dog. Most often, a friend and hunter's assistant are husky. Their task is to bark and stop the beast. The dog should behave in such a way that the deer is numb with fear and does not move, giving the hunter the chance to shoot without a miss. A dog should not snap a deer by the feet, otherwise it will immediately roll away.

When hunting in hunting farms, a method of round-up is often used, because there the deer are not as fearsome as wild ones, and even a group of hunters can join them. But it's better to limit yourself to a couple of people. Despite the fact that the deer is lazy on the farms, but still has not lost its natural skills and instincts, it is still very cautious to approach it.

By the way, you can scare off a deer even with a cigarette smoked and get a zero result from such unhealthy hunting. By the way, you've probably heard about a deer hunt with a bow and crossbow. This is a passionate and fascinating way of hunting, requiring training and special equipment. Such a hunt in Russia is possible by law only in cage farms, which means that on the territory of the Park Hotel you can try it live.

Pheasant hunting