Fishing in Seliger

The lakes of the Seliger region are a popular place for fishing both for connoisseurs and amateurs, because here you can prepare gear for pike perch, pike, eel, perch, burbot, white cupid, roach, bream, carp, rudd.

In the eco-complex, fishermen can rent the necessary gear, purchase a bait and a fishing license. A skilled instructor will help the amateurs orient themselves.

Fishing on the inner lake

Ecological complex SDL

Fishing on the inner lake is only available to guests living in the Eco-complex "SDL" in the presence of a fish card, the cost of one fish card (per person) for one light-day is 1000 rubles. For children under 16, a fish card is not required. The price includes the catch of any fish weighing 2 kg, with a catch of more than 2 kg - the difference is paid according to the price list below:

Price by type of fish:

  • eel - 1200 rubles / kg
  • black cupid - 800 rubles / kg
  • white cupid, catfish - 700 rubles / kg
  • burbot - 600 rubles / kg
  • pike, carp, perch, carp - 500 rubles / kg
  • bream, crucian, reddish - 400 rubles / kg
  • roach - 100 rubles / kg
  • trophy fish (over 2 kg) - 500 rubles / kg
  • trophy fish (over 5 kg) - 1500 rubles / kg

Fishing gear and bait can be purchased from us!

For fishermen in the Ecocomplex there is a place for fishing on the shore of the inner lake. Here you can comfortably settle down and spend your time in solitary confinement.

At the end of fishing, all catch is subject to control weighing, and the fish card is given up.

One fish card gives permission to fish to one person.

For unannounced fish for control weighing you pay the PENALTY in 10 times the amount from the cost for 1 kg.

Fishing on Lake Sig

It's no secret that Seliger's lands are famous for their fish variety and Lake Sieg - not an exception, here inveterate fishermen and amateurs come to cook tackle on pike perch, eel, pike, perch, burbot, roach, bream, carp, rudd, white cupid and other species fish.