Shooting club "SDL"


The goal of the Shooting Club "SDL" is the popularization of shooting in Russia.

Possessing an extensive material and technical base and well-equipped shooting ranges and sites, the Shooting Club "SDL" offers its services to athletes, hunters and fans of shooting for training, training, fees and competitions.

To test your strength, smell the gunpowder, survive the state of delight when you hit the "ten", it is not necessary to be an athlete. Experienced instructors and methodologists will introduce you to the fascinating world of shooting sports and teach you the possession of a variety of weapons.

Practical shooting - DILIGENTIA - VIS - CELERITAS (Accuracy - Power - Speed) - the arrow is prescribed the ability to accurately and quickly firing from a powerful weapon, both short-barreled and long-barreled.

In the arsenal of the arrow club there are the following examples of modern weapons:


Pistol CZ-75 SP-01



Pistol Glock 19



Pistol Glock 34



Makarov Pistol (PM)



Pistol C-TT



Pistol Taurus PT92



ALFA Para Revolver




Bullet shooting is one of the types of shooting sport. It is subdivided into shooting from a pistol, rifles, rifle shooting on a moving target.

For the practice of bullet shooting, the Shooting Club "SDL" has a 500-meter shooting range, as well as a 100-meter shooting range with installations for firing at the moving target "Running Boar". The firing lines are equipped with video cameras for easy monitoring of the results of firing.

In the arsenal there are a carbine SWS-2000 and a rifle Steyr Mannlicher SSG 69 PIIK.


Steyr Mannlicher SSG 69 PIIK



Carabiner Steyr Mannlicher AUG Z



Carbine KO-44



Carbine VPO-136 (Vepr-KM)



Carbine ППШ-О



Carabiner "MAXIM"



Carbine DP-O



For shooting in the dark, there are night vision sights "Dedal-470" and "Dedal-480".



6-fold increase.

EOP pok. II +, III, XR-5.

Shock resistance on large calibers.

High-light night optics.

Large removal of the exit pupil.

Aiming grid type MIL-DOT with adjustable brightness.

Precision tactical mechanism for aligning the aiming mark.

Built-in, powerful (75mW) IR illuminator.

Hermetic design and light weight.


Площадки для стендовой стрельбы

Stand shooting is one of the types of shooting sport. Shooting is carried out from smooth-bore shotguns with shot charges on special targets-skeet.

Shotgun training is the best way to teach and maintain shooting skills from hunting weapons.

One of the disciplines of bench shooting is sporting, featuring a wide variety of trajectories of the target's flight, simulating the movement of a certain game.

In the territory of the shooting club "SDL" there are 5 shooting ranges, each of which is equipped with 5 shooting locations and throwing machines "Laporte" and "Mattareli", providing 5 different trajectories of the target.

Smoothbore shotguns produced by IZHMASH concern: IZH-27 and MR-153 are offered for bench shooting.



Smoothbore rifle IZh-27

Type: double-barreled gun with a vertical arrangement of trunks.

Caliber: 12.

Barrel length: 750 mm.

Weight: 3.6 kg.



Smoothbore rifle MP-153

Type: semi-automatic, with gas venting automatics.

Caliber: 12.

Barrel length: 750 mm.

Weight: 3.7 kg.

Shop: 4 cartridges in a tubular under-barrel shop.


Площадка для стрельбы по движущимся мишеням

Stand "Running Boar" is designed to perform exercises on shooting from firearms of any calibers (including rifled ones) in training exercises, in competitions in shooting sports, or in processing options for hunting wild animals.

Shooting is made by a bullet from a distance of 50 or 100 meters, along a moving target.

The size of the target: 1215x735 mm.

The window is 10 m.


Площадка для стрельбы из лука и арбалета

Archery is familiar to mankind since ancient times. The skill necessary for survival, as civilization and technology developed, ceased to be vitally important. Nevertheless, the spirit of rivalry and rivalry persisted, as well as the opportunity to strengthen the character and fidelity of the eye. This is an interesting hobby and a great way to keep yourself in perfect physical shape.

Further development of the bow is a crossbow. This is a more technological and precise type of weapon. The crossbow appeared around 500 BC. in China, by the 12th century it had spread to Europe, where it was first used as a combat weapon, and then became a weapon of hunters and athletes.

Modern crossbows are far from the ancient models, they use modern materials and the latest technology.

Those who want to diversify their leisure and join such exciting beginnings as archery and crossbow shooting, the shooting club "SDL" offers the following types of bows and crossbows:



The size of the base, mm: 216.

Tension force, kgf: 27.

Length of tension, mm: 686-787.

Speed according to IBO, m / s: 94-96.

Kinetic energy, J: 104.6.

Length from axis to axis, mm: 806.

Reset: adjustable, 65-80%.

Weight, kg: 1,72.




The size of the base, mm: 184.

Tension force, kgf: 27.

Length of tension, mm: 673-775.

Speed according to IBO, m / s: 100-102.

Kinetic energy, J: 118.3.

Length from axis to axis, mm: 845.

Reset: adjustable, 65-80%.

Weight, kg: 1,72.


For children and teenagers, a light and compact block bow for beginners Bowtech Rascal is offered.



The size of the base, mm: 178.

Length of tension, mm: 622-686.

Speed according to IBO, m / s: 91.5.

Length from axis to axis, mm: 914.

Reset: adjustable, 65-75%.

Weight, kg: 1,7.



TenPoint Pro Elite Crossbow

Initial boom speed, m / s: 95.

Tension force, kgf: 84.

Kinetic energy, J: 140.

Length with foot rest, mm: 946.

Length from axis to axis, mm: 645.

Stroke of the bowstring, mm: 292,1.

Recommended bolts: 20 ".

Weight, kg: 3,7.


Пейнтбольная площадка

Paintball is an exciting game for active and rich recreation.

Competitive spirit, excitement of rivalry, a sense of elbow and emotional glow are indispensable companions to the game. That's why paintball is equally popular among people of different ages and professions and is an excellent entertainment for both family and corporate recreation.

Paintball is not just a sport or a holiday, it's a real game with elements of strategy, the need to think about your actions and real attacks on the opponent, in addition, it's a great way to spend time with friends, expand the circle of your communication and get new acquaintances.

In Russia, paintball is considered the 26th technical sport in the ROSTO system.


Охота на оленя

The avid hunters, fishermen and those who wish to relax in comfort from a stuffy city are offered hunting for a variety of beasts and poultry, as well as fishing.

All the captured trophies, if desired, are cut off and prepared by highly qualified chefs.

We will provide hunting services, hunting dogs, rental of hunting and fishing equipment and boats.

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