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lake Sig, village Petrikovo, Ostashkov district, Tver region, Russia. +7 (961) 01-66-032   Русский  
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Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

village Shchuch'ye


Церковь Успения Пресвятой Богородицы, село Щучье

Construction history of the Assumption church in the village Shchuch'ye does not differ from the history of many rural churches. Construction of a stone church began after in 1778 burned the wooden church of St. Nicholas. Initially, just one year refectory was erected to the southern side-chapel of St. Nicholas, and the temple dedicated to the Feast of the Assumption, finishing work until 1790. Soon after the consecration of the refectory and the south aisle to them from the west bell-tower and north aisle have made only after 1864, carefully repeating the decor of the old parts of the building. A low stone wall around the church with the holy gates, covered with boards, appeared in the late XVIII and early XIX century. The composition  of the Church of the Assumption differs from the same Ostashkov's buildings this time. Type the church - two tiers of windows on the octagon quadrangle, with a faceted apse and the refectory with the south chapel - is in the tradition, and especially the squatter proportions and decoration - very different than those buildings that had seen before. The volume of the church stressed the massive, decor is much easier, it does not have that fancy "jewels," as in the church of the village Rogozha, dominated by strict straight line. The temple is crowned with a broad flattened head on a thin drum. The forms resemble the head of a wooden church in the churchyard Shirkov the end of XVII century, and in the whole volume of the building survived a lot of overweight massive buildings of the previous century. Compared to the church bell tower seems more elegant. It is possible that it was building by another gang of masons. It is very similar to the bell tower of the Holy Transfiguration Church in Ostashkov and unpreserved belfry of the  Korsun cathedral in Toropets. This is similar to the last is particularly high when it is compared with the image of the Korsun  cathedral in Toropets in the engraving of the last century, where the artist more stylized forms omitting some details.

In addition, we note the unusual proportions of the significant slope of the bell tower to the west and preserved for almost the entire perimeter of the fence.

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