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Verkhnevolzhsky beyshlot

Verkhnevolzhsky dam


Verkhnevolzhsky beyshlot

Verkhnevolzhsky beyshlot - the dam in the headwaters of the Volga River, forming the Upper Volga (Verkhnevolzhsky) Reservoirs, uniting in a common pool of lake Volgo, lake Peno, lake Vselug and lake Sterzh. The dam is located 5 km downstream from the place from which follows the Volga River from the lake Volgo.

The length of the dam is 46 meters, the average water flow of 29 m ³ / sec, the annual fluctuation of the upper level befa up to 3.5 meters, about 0.1 meters lower.

The dam was built in 1843 during the construction of Vyshnevolockij system. The dam was built from wood on stone foundations. With the construction the dam, which was to regulate the flow into the upper reaches of the Volga River, has been improved conditions for navigation in low water due to water releases of water reserves accumulated in the flood.

In 1941 during the Great Patriotic War, the dam was dynamited by the Nazis, in 1943 it was rebuilt in concrete structures. In memory of these events near the dam is a commemorative stele.

The dam operates to this day and is under guard. Passage of the dam, photos and video of the object is prohibited. Entrance to the beyshlotu in cars is prohibited.

The distance from the Park Hotel "SDL": 
25 km