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The Tolstoy's estate

Novie Yeltsy


The Tolstoy's estate

In the heart of Russia in Tver region, near the village of Yelets on a picturesque peninsula in Eletskiy reach of the Lake Seliger is an ancient manor New Yelets, built in the late XVIII century, belonged to the landowners Tolstoy. They built their ancestry to the legendary Indresu, which left the German lands in 1353 in Chernigov with his two sons and a numerous retinue, and who took the name Leontius on the baptism. A descendant of Indres received from the Grand Prince Vasily the Dark nickname Tolstoy, in future the numerous aristocratic family name. Ancestors Ostashkov landowners in the XVII century, served as steward in Rzhev. That's when they received the land by Seliger, which became their ancestral estates. Subsequently, this branch of the Tolstoy, in contrast to the count, remained obscure.

The former owner of the manor at the end of XVIII - early XIX century, Tolstoy, Nikolai Yakovlevich was Ostashkov marshal of the nobility. That's when there were built a large manor house and a linen factory for 70 machines. There was a park with terraces. Here, in the estate was set up one of the first theaters in the province of the serfs, the owners of the estate contained two orchestra - brass and horn music.

At the end of the XIX century, one of the travelers on the Seliger wrote: "The boat was approaching the estate Yelets ... There is seen in front of the house, so unless one Yusupov estate in them can match ... and then only in this house was not there and the theater, and a prison for peasants ... and dance halls, like the church, two of the world, and upstairs gallery. A garden ... just what devilry is not there ... "

This estate was up to the abolition of serfdom in 1861, then the owners quickly went bankrupt, and the estate fell into disrepair.

In the twentieth century at the end of 1918 Novie Yeltsy briefly became the administrative center of the new volost of the same name, which was included 11 villages with a population of 1447 people. But in 1923 it returned to the volost boundary Pavlihovskoy. In the 20 years the students of the Communist University of the West of ethnic minorities living in the estate. During the war it was occupied by the Germans. In 1946, after the war in the restored mansion, was established campsite "Seliger". Has earned its own power station. In the 60 years after the commissioning of a new four-story dormitory, it became the largest in the area.

Repairs to the main building of the manor complex was started in 2005. Then he was in a deplorable state, as the repairs are not carried since 1986. Were involved the Moscow specialists who contacted the descendants of the noble family, Tolstoy to most accurately recreate the interiors of the manor spirit of the times in which were living its former owners.

Today, the building converted into four-star Palace Hotel "Seliger", looks almost the same as 200 years ago. Interior decoration is solved in the classical style, as well as architectural design manor. Experts have tried to keep the spirit of the epoch in the elements of design and decor. Drapes, furniture chosen so as not to disrupt the overall style.

The hotel lobby is decorated with 50 landscape painter Vladimir Vasiliev, who artfully "aged" and the oil canvas stood out cracelures (crack). In the decoration of the building project organically old combined with modern elements of the hotel industry.

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