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The source of Western Dvina river


Western Dvina river - a river in Eastern Europe. Western Dvina river flows through the territory of the Russian Federation, Belarus and Latvia. 1020 km, basin area 87.9 km2. Begins in the Valdai hills, empties into the Gulf of Riga of the Baltic Sea with forming a delta. The average flow rate 678 m3/s.

Berezina water system is connected (not applicable) with the Dnieper. Navigable in some areas.

Another name for the river - the Daugava what translated from Latvian as "a lot of water". The scientists found that another 10-15 thousand years ago in the upper reaches of the Western Dvina the ancient people had settled.

This is evidenced by hundreds of ancient cities, parks, burial grounds, located on the banks of rivers and lakes in this area. The area is taken on record about 300 archaeological sites. A famous group of mounds "Dedkino - 1" on the western shore of lake Brosno has the status of objects of historical heritage of federal importance. 

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