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Seligersky Ignach Cross

According to the Chronicle in March-April 1238 the Mongol army after the conquest and destruction of Torzhok, moved in the direction of Novgorod. However, before reaching the tract Ignach Cross, which is about 200 km south of Novgorod the Great, the Mongols abandoned the attack and turned back in the wilderness, devastating in their path the counter villages.

The word can refer to the cross not only a well-known subject, but the crossing, ie the intersection. With regard to the exact location of Ignach Cross there were two versions.

In the second version

The assumptions associated with the village Ignatitsy of Old Russia district which stands on the shore of Poly river. It is known that in ancient times, it took the water and the winter road from lake Seliger (seregersky way) to the Novgorod and to the Rusa by the Poly river.

Ethnographer SN Il'in proposed as a hypothesis that "seregersky way" existed in several versions. In particular one of its "branches" could take place in the modern village Zaluche of Ostashkov district of Tver region, where there was a fortified town of Novgorod Berezovets, and which still stands Berezovskoye settlement. And in 8 km to the north-west from Zaluche stands the village Ignashovka.

In 2003 on the coast of the river Polomet there stands urochishche Ignach Cross, at the initiative of the Valdai National Park, a memorial was placed in a concrete form of the memorial cross. The height of the cross 2.3 m, width - 1,5 m. It is fixed on the top of a small boulder. Near the composition of the is set also a memorial plaque with the inscription "In memory of the courage of the defenders of the Russian land."  

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