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lake Volgo

Lake Volgo


lake Volgo

Volgo - a lake in Ostashkov, Peno and Selizharovo districts of Tver region of Russia. Located 25 km south of Ostashkov, the largest in the Upper Volga (Verkhnevolzhskie) lakes in the Valdai Hills, the fourth and final in group of lakes through which the upper reaches of the Volga River.

Regulated by Verkhnevolzhsky beyshlot.

Two lakes Volgo (Volga-I, Volgo-II), connected by ducts villages Bolshoe and Maloe Lokhovo. The lake stretches from west to east for 40 km, width up to 4 km of lakes, the average depth 2 m water surface. The area of lakes 61 km ². Lake Volgo as a result of construction Verkhnevolzhsky beyshlot significantly changed its borders. Before its was length 7 km, width - up to 2 km. Now stretched from the village Volgo Volga (Tuhachevo) in the west to the east of the village Selishche. Between Lake Peno and Volga Lake (30 km) Volga River is the spill. The southern coast of Volgo more exalted, the northern - a low-lying. In some places the high banks of limestone outcrops are visible. From beneath the limestone is often hit keys - so-called "boiling" water, "zdorovtsom" year-round temperature is equal to 6 ° C. In the area of ​​the villages Kolobovo, Polka and Pochinok the lake forms three large "onions".

In the western part near the city Peno in Volgo-I from the south flows the rivers Plotichenka and Zhukopa. On the northern bank of the Volgo-I (length 19 km) are the villages Kustyn and Zanepreche. In the channel between the lakes from the south flows the rivers Big Lemenka and Dubenko. And from the north - the river Koch.

On the northern bank of the Volgo-II (length 21 km, width 3 km), are two large bays. Almost in the center of the lake rises Bely Plav Island. The northern shore of the lake are low, often inundated during flood.On the banks of Volgo-II the villages are located Yasensky, Pochinok, Zavir'e, Pol'ky, Lapin, Volga (Tuhachevo), Devichie, Kolobovo, Bor, Kazakovo. Town Selishche located in a place where the Volga River derives from Volgo-II.

The water level in the lake can vary greatly depending the mode of the dam.

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