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lake Brosno


lake Brosno

Brosno - lake in the north-west of the Tver region of Russia, in Andreapol district of Tver region. The lake belongs to the basin of the Western Dvina and the Baltic Sea.

The area of the lake Brosno 7.2 km2. Altitude - 243 m, length - 10.8 km, maximum width of - 4 km, average width - 2 km, the length of the coastline - 16.2 km. The lake Brosnoe - the deepest in the Tver region, its maximum depth - 41.5 m, average depth - 17 m. The origin of the lake is a hollow.

The lake has an elongated north-south shape. In the central part of the lake to the west coast juts out into a large bay on the shores of which there are villages Dyatkino, Gushchino and Brosno. The shores of the lake dry, higher in the west, lowlands in the east, covered with spruce and pine and birch forests in the north and west of lake farmland and several villages.

One kilometer north of the lake Brosno is situated lake Volkoto from which the river Volkota flows out. In the northern part of the lake Brosno is the source of the narrow channels, the current in the lake Volkoto. The lake Brosno well connected by channels with the two neighboring lakes: Dolosso (on the west) and Boino (in the south). The lake Dolosets in the north-east of the basin is owned by Lovat bassin, here is a watershed. The lake Brosno and the surrounding area - a popular fishing and hunting place in Russia.

According to legend, the lake Brosno - habitat of "the dragon", a mythical animal. The cause of the legend is likely to become an unusually large depth of the lake, and the processes of decay at depth, leading to the formation of hydrogen sulfide "bubbles".  

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