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Church of the Entry of the Blessed Virgin Mary into the Temple



Church of the Entry of the Blessed Virgin Mary into the Temple
Church of the Entry of the Blessed Virgin Mary into the Temple

Kravotyn village is very ancient. In the XVI century it became a parish center and more than once appeared in various documents. For example, we know that when the lord Volsky owned these lands, the wooden church "of Entry of the Holy Virgin into the Temple" already existed in the village. Its name was kept for many years, and re-built in the late XVIII century, the church was dedicated to the same holiday. Construction of Vvedenskaya church in the village Kravotyn happened almost simultaneously with the construction of the church in the village of Verkhniye Kotitsy. The Kravotyn church was laid soon after 1782, and by 1791 she was ready.

Finishing of the temple lasted until 1802, but thereafter detached bell tower and the roof remained wooden for a long time. High bushel with two tiers of windows of Vvedenskaya church, covered with vault and topped with a traditional five domes is not news in the local architecture. The first thing you notice in the monument – is the presence in its decor, as well as in Kotitskaya church, attire of architectural fragments of the XVII century and that the basic compositions remained the similar to buildings of that time. A vast refectory with two aisles adjoins to the quadrangle of the high temple, stretched from north to south; and also the southern aisle has two apses.

Traditional features in the volumes of the building and its decoration, probably would not be as noticeable if there were no pedestals under the the drums adorned with decorative kokoshniks, and the drums themselves, with decorated arcaded frieze of semi-columns intercepted by a beads. The apse suddenly interspersed with a detail, as if it was transferred here from the XVII century – kiot, where once housed the icon. Its frame resembles the shape of kiot of the Zhitenev monastery bell tower. Carefully looking closer at the other church decoration, unwittingly come to the conclusion that it is in spite of the baroque forms, much like the applicative scenery of the XVII century.

Rare beautiful iconostasis remained in the Kravotyn church until recently; apparently, it was a product of Ostashkov woodcarvers, who celebrated the city in the past. The iconostasis made immediately upon completion and then it almost was not changed. It was decorated with fluted Ionic pilasters, entwined with garlands of roses. At the royal carved doors a sculpture "Annunciation" was placed, over which strong boorish Sawaof sat in clouds and shining.

Among the ornamental patterns were everywhere interspersed heads of cherubs, they also soared in carved clouds over the icons and decorated capitals of pilasters, and over the doors to the altar and diakonnik flying angels plowed heavy canopies. Now is almost nothing left from this splendor. The unique iconostasis done by Ostashkov masters was ruined by a ruthless fashion of collecting subjects of church utensils, icons and sculptures. Only a small part of the iconostasis - the royal gate with a scene of "Annunciation" – was managed to take in Ostashkov, and now it is stored in the vaults of the museum of local lore.

The low tower, standing next to the church, built in the late 20s of the XIX century. Above the square base rises highest tier of round bell decorated by a semi-columns, and even higher - a small cavity-tier, topped with a spire. In its composition and scenery there is no arbitrary mixture of styles. Everything is more rigorous, more restrained. Individual parts of furniture fronts, such as the rusticated corners, the trefoil keystone above the entrance, not-ordered semi-columns and naive small frontons say that it was built by local masters and even the project was made by the architect, anyway it has undergone a significant change in their hands.

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