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Shooting club "SDL"

The purpose of the Shooting Club "SDL" is to promote shooting sports in Russia.

With its vast material and technical base and well-equipped shooting ranges andplatforms, Shooting Club “SDL” offers its services to sportsmen, hunters and lovers of shooting for preparation, training and competition.

To test strength, to feel the smell of gunpowder, to taste the ecstasy when hit the mark - not necessarily to be a professional. Experienced instructors and methodologists will introduce you to the exciting world of shooting sports and teach a variety of weapons possession.


Shooting rangeBullet shooting - is one of the types of shooting sports. It divided into the fire with a pistol, rifle, firing a rifle at a moving target.

For classes of bullet shooting Shooting Club "SDL" has a 500-meter shooting range and a 100-meter shooting range with settings for firing at a moving target "Running Boar". Firing line is equipped with video cameras for ease of monitoring the results of firing.

Arsenal has carbine SWS-2000 and gun Steyr Mannlicher SSG 69 PIIK.



Steyr Mannlicher SSG 69 PIIK

Caliber: .308 Win.

Barrel length: 508 mm.

Weight: 3,9 kg without sight and ammo.

Mag: 5 rounds, the rotary.




Caliber: .338 Lapua Mag.

Barrel: Lothar Walther (weight - 5022 gr.).

Lodge: McMillan (weight - 2514 gr.).


For shooting in the dark there are night vision scopes "Dedal-470" and "Dedal-480".



6-fold increase.

Gen. EOC. II +, III, XR-5.

Shock resistance on large calibers.

High light transmission optics.

Long eye relief.

Reticle type MIL-DOT with adjustable brightness.

Precision tactical alignment of the reticle.

Built-in, powerful (75mVt) IR illuminator.

Water resistance and light weight.


Venues for trap shootingTrap shooting - a type of shooting sport. The shooting is being shot from shotguns to a special skeet targets.

Shotgun shooting classes is the best way to learn and maintain skills of shooting a huntingweapon.

One of the disciplines of shotgun shooting is sporting, featuring a wide variety of flight paths of the target, simulating the movement of a particular game.

On the territory of the Shooting Club "SDL" there are 5 shooting ranges, each is equipped with 5 infantry places and throwing devices “Laporte" and "Mattareli", providing five different trajectories of the target.

For shotgun shooting the shotguns by Concern Izhmash production are offered: IZH-27 and MR-153



Shotgun IZH-27

Type: double-barreled shotgun with vertical shafts.

Caliber: 12.

Barrel length: 750 mm.

Weight: 3.6 kg.



Shotgun MP-153

Type: semi-automatic, gas operated automatics.

Caliber: 12.

Barrel length: 750 mm.

Weight: 3.7 kg.

Store: 4 rounds in a tubular underbarrel store.


The platform for shooting at moving targetsStand "Running Boar" is intended to exercise in shooting of firearms of any caliber (including threaded) to the training sessions, during competitions in shooting sports, or in the processing options for hunting wild animals.

Shooting is performed by a bullet from a distance of 50 or 100 meters, at a moving target.

The size of the target: 1215*735 mm.

Window path of 10 m.


Ground for archery and crossbowArchery is known to mankind since ancient times. The skill required for survival, with the development of civilization and technology is no longer vital. However, the spirit of competition and rivalry stayed behind, as well as the possibility of strengthening the character and fidelity to the eye. It is interesting hobby and a wonderful way to keep yourself in good physical shape.

Further development of the bow is a crossbow. This is a more technologically and accurate weapon. Crossbow has appeared approximately 500 BC in China, to the XII century it has spread to Europe, where he initially been applied as a weapon of war, and later became a weapon of hunters and sportsmen.

Modern crossbows have gone far from ancient samples. For the manufacture of the crossbows advanced materials and emerging technologies areused.

Those who want to diversify leisure and join so exciting venture as archery and crossbow are offered the following types of archery and crossbows:



Base size in mm: 216.

Draw weight, kg: 27.

ДThe length of the tension in mm: 686-787.

The rate of IBO, m/s: 94-96.

The kinetic energy, J: 104.6.

The length of the axis to the axis, mm: 806.

Reset: adjustable, 65-80%.

Weight, kg: 1.72.




Base size in mm: 184.

Draw weight, kg: 27.

The length of the tension in mm: 673-775.

The rate of IBO, m/s: 100-102.

The kinetic energy, J: 118.3.

The length of the axis to the axis, mm: 845.

Reset: adjustable, 65-80%.

Weight, kg: 1.72.


Kids and teens are offered to try easy and compact block starter’s bow Bowtech Rascal.



Base size in mm: 178.

The length of the tension in mm: 622-686.

The rate of IBO, m / s: 91.5.

The length of the axis to the axis, mm: 914.

Reset: adjustable, 65-75%.

Weight, kg: 1.7.



TenPoint Pro Elite Crossbow

The initial rate boom, m/c 95.

Draw weight, kg: 84.

The kinetic energy, J 140.

Length with emphasis to feet, mm: 946.

The length of the axis to the axis, mm: 645.

king stroke of the bowstring, mm: 292.1.

Recommended bolt: 20''.

Weight, kg: 3.7.


Paintball fieldPaintball – a fascinating game for active and busy holiday.

Team spirit, the excitement of competition and the emotional intensity are irreplaceable companions of the game. That is why paintball is equally popular amongpeople of different ages and backgrounds and is a great entertainment both for family and corporate holidays.

Paintball is not just a sport or recreation, it's a game with strategy elements, the need to consider your actions and real attacks on the opponent, in addition, it’s a great way to spend time with friends, to find the new ones.

In Russia, a paintball is the 26th technical sport in the ROSTO.


Hunting for deerAvid hunters, fishermen and wishing a luxurious escape from the stifling city are offered hunting and fishing.

All the trophies obtained can be cut and cooked by highly qualified Chefs by your request.

We provide with Jaeger services, hunting dogs, rental hunting and fishing equipment and boats.