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Kupala Night


Kupala Night
Published: 2012/07/06 - 13:56
Today, on the night of the 6th to 7th July there is one of the most mysterious festivals of the Slavs.
On this night, life-giving water, and is endowed with magical properties. All evil spirits leave the water, so you can bathe in the waters.
Cleaning fires is another feature of that night. Who is more successful and higher will jump through a burning fire, he will be happier.
Our ancestors thought this to search for the best holiday charms for all occasions. Medicinal plants collected from the dew at dawn blessed in churches, and stored at the icons. Stocking series, camomile, wormwood, yarrow, and others. Girls in addition looking bewitching grass.
Fern blooms in this night to popular belief.
Image: Vsevolod Ivanov. Night on the eve of Kupala